International Registration

Non UPASD Pathfinders

For Pathfinders outside the Portuguese Union of Seventh-day Adventists, that is, non-residents in Portugal, registration may be done directly with the Youth Department of the Portuguese Union, through the form below.

Each Pathfinder and participant must fill in the registration form.

Important information for International Participants UPASD

Porto (OPO) and Lisbon (LIS)
We may assist you with a shuttle service from the airport to the Camporee site. The price is to be determined, and will vary according to your needs. This service is NOT included in the Camporee Nacional JA 2024 registration fee.

All international delegation and/or individual participants must come with their own tents. We will provide their own space in the campsite. If necessary, the Camporee organisation can arrange some tents for an extra fee.

The organisation of Camporee Nacional JA 2024 will ensure all meals to international participants (from dinner on Thursday, March 28, to lunch on Sunday, March 31).

The price for international participants is 70 euros per person. This amount includes the registration fee, insurance and meals. If you need to sleep in tents provided by the organisation, you need to pay an extra 30 euros per person.

It will not be possible to sleep at the campsite before or after the event date. Overnight stays and meals before or after the event, are the sole responsibility of each participant or delegation.

Please read the full regulation in the Camporee Nacional JA 2024 Participants page.

If you have any doubts, please contact

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